State Health Society,Bihar

FUND ALLOCATION                    
RCH Flexipool (Part A)
Mission Flexipool NRHM (Part B)
Routine Immunisation & PP (Part C)
Final Allocation
Final Allocation
Final Allocation
A.1 Maternal Health
B.1 ASHA C.1 RI Strengthninig Project.
Revised - C.1.r   C.1.t   C.1.u
A.2 Child Health B.2 Untied Funds C.2 Salary of Contractual Staffs - Sub Total
A.3 Family Planning B.3 Annual Maintenance Grants C.3 Training under Immunisation
A.4 Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health / ARSH B.4 Hospital Strengthening C.4 Cold Chain Maintenance
A.5 URBAN RCH - [Total - Urban RCH] B.5 New Constructions/Renovation and Setting Up C.5 ASHA incentive for full Immunization
A. - Recruitment and training of link workers for urban slums B.6 Corpus Grants to HMS / RKS C.6 Pulse Polio Operational Cost
Revised - C.6
A. - Strengthening of urban health posts and urban health centres (Operating cost of existing 6 UHCs) B.7 District Action Plans (including block, village) NIDDCP (Part D)
A.5.1.5 - Other Urban RCH strategies/activities (Sensitization workshop on Urban RCH (concerned DHS, District Administration of the concerned districts, UHC personnel, State Officials) B.8 Panchayati Raj Initiative Final Allocation & Break Up
A.6 TRIBAL RCH B.9 Mainstreaming of AYUSH IDSP (Part E)
A.7 PNDT & Sex Ratio - Total PNDT B.10 IEC-BCC NRHM Final Allocation
A.7.1.2 - Orientation of programme managers and service providers on PC & PNDT Act (Capacity building of DAA at State level and district orientation of stakeholders ) B.11 Mobile Medical Units (Including recurring expenditures) - Total MMU DBS (Part F)
A.7.2 - Other PNDT Activities B.12 Referral Transport Final Allocation
A.8 Infrastructure (Minor Civil Works) and Human Resources (except AYUSH Vulnerable Groups) B.13 PPP / NGOs F.1.1 Malaria - Total
A.9 Training B.14 Innovations F.1.2 Dengu & Chikungunya - Total
A.10 Programme / NRHM Management Costs B.15 Planning, Implementation and Monitoring F.1.3 AES / JE - Total
A.11 Vulnurable Groups B.16 Procurement F.1.4 Filaria - Total
Total Part A B.17 Regional Drugs Warehouses F.1.5 Kala-azar - Total
  B.18 New Initiatives/Strategic Interventions - Convergence with Food Security Programme F.2 - Externally Aided Component - Total
F.6 - Cash grant for decentralized commodities
  B.19 Health Insurance Scheme National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP)
(Part G)
  B.20 Research, Studies, Analysis ( New) Final Allocation
  B.21 State Level Health Resource Centre (SHSRC) National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB)
(Part H)
  B.22 Support Services Final Allocation
  B.23 Other Expenditures (Power Backup, Convergence etc) Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP)
(Part I)
  Total Part B Final Allocation

Operationalise Facilities A.1.4 Janani Suraksha Yojna / JSY
A.1.1.1 Operationalize Blood Bank in FRUs A.1.4.1 Home Deliveries
A.1.1.2 Operationalise 24x7 PHCs A.1.4.2 Institutional Deliveries
A.1.1.3 MTP services at health facilities A.1.4.2.a Rural
A.1.1.4 RTI/STI services at health facilities
A.1.4.2.b Urban
A.1.1.5 Operationalise Sub-centres - Hiring of vehicle for monitoring & supervision A.1.4.2.c C-sections
A.1.2 Referral Transport A.1.4.3 Administrative Expenses (2%)
A.1.3 Integrated outreach RCH services A.1.4.4 Incentive to ASHAs
A.1.3.1 RCH Outreach Camps/ Others A.1.5 Maternal Death Review
A.1.3.2 Monthly Village Health and Nutrition Days A.1.6 Other Strategies/Activities
  Total Maternal Health
Fund Allocation

IMNCI A.2.5 Care of Sick Children and Severe Malnutrition at facilities (NRC)
A.2.1.1 Prepare detailed operational plan for IMNCI across districts A.2.5.3 Implementation of activities in districts (Management of malnourished children at peripheral institutions- nutrition clinics at PHCs & APHCs, Nutrition surveillance, nutritious food supplements)
A.2.1.2 Implementation of IMNCI activities in districts (Review meeting for CH interventions) A.2.6 Management of Diarrhoea, ARI and Micronutrient Malnutrition -Vitamin A Biannual Supplementation Round
A.2.1.3 Monitor progress against plan; follow up with training, procurement, etc A.2.7 Other strategies/ activities- Strengthening of Essential & Emergency CH Care services under NPSGK (Provision of food and other things-Annual Maintenance and Recurring cost at NRC
A.2.1.4 Pre-service IMNCI activities in medical colleges, nursing colleges, and ANMTCs
A.2.8 Infant Death Audit
A.2.2 Facility Based Newborn Care/FBNC (SNCU, NBSU, NBCC) A.2.9 Incentive to ASHA under CH
A.2.2.1 Prepare detailed operational plan for FBNC across districts A.2.10.3 Provision of Referral Transport
A.2.2.2 Revised - Monitoring Progress against Plan, Follow-Up Training, Procurement etc. Total Child Health
A.2.3 Home Based Newborn Care/HBNC
A.2.4 Infant and Young Child Feeding/IYCF
Fund Allocation

Terminal/Limiting Methods A.3.2.4 Social Marketing of contraceptives
A.3.1.1 Dissemination of manuals on sterialisation standards & QA of sterialisation services A.3.2.5 Contraceptive update seminars
A.3.1.2 Female Sterialisation camps A.3.3 POL for Family Planning/ Others
A.3.1.3 NSV camps A.3.4 Repairs of Laparoscopes
A.3.1.4 Compensation of female sterialisation
A.3.5 Other strategies/activities
A.3.1.5 Compensation for male sterialisation (Compensation for NSV acceptance) A.3.5.1 Monitor progress, quality and utilisation of services (both terminal and spacing methods) including complications / deaths / failure cases (Review meetings on Family Planning performance and initiatives at the state level & Division level (periodic; including QAC meetings)
A.3.1.6 Accrediation of private providers for sterialisation services A.3.5.2 Performance reward if any
A.3.2 Spacing Methods A.3.5.3 World Population Day’ celebration (such as mobility, IEC activities etc.): funds earmarked for district and block level activities -
Activity like organisation of Family Health Mela at District Level (500000)
POL for District Team for Mobilization (570000)
Rally at the Block Level by Schoool Children with Banner and Poster (534000)
Publicity through PA system, Banners at PHC level (64,08,000)
Transportation & Mobilization per case (692000)
A.3.2.1 IUD camps A.3.5.5 Utilising Services of ASHAs for ensuring spacing in birth and incentivising her for the effort
A. Provide IUD services at health facilities / compensation Total Family Planning
A.3.2.3 Accrediation of private providers for IUD insertion services  
Fund Allocation

A.4    Adolescent Reproductive & Sexual Health / ARSH
Adolescent services at health facilities-Adolescent services at health facilities A.4.2.3 Implementation of School Health Programme by districts
Operational budget at state, districts and PHCs (1464000) A.4.2.4 Monitor progress and quality of services
Computer set for ARSH Consultants at state (50000) A.4.3 Other strategies/activities (please specify)
A.4.2 School Health Programme A.4.3.1 Menstrual Hygiene
A.4.2.1 Prepare and disseminate guidelines for School Health Programme. A.4.3.2 Weekly Iron Folic Acid Supplementation (WIFS)
A.4.2.2 Prepare detailed operational plan for School Health Programme across districts (cost of plan meeting should be kept) A.8.2.1 Total ARSH
Fund Allocation

A.8    Infrastructure (Minor Civil Works) And Human Resources (Except AYUSH)
Contractual Staff & Services A.8.1.7 Block M&E Assistant-cum- Data Entry Operator on contract basis at Block PHC
A.8.1.1 ANMs, SN A.8.1.8 Incentive/ Awards etc. to SN, ANMs etc (Muskaan)
A.8.1.2 Laboratory Technicians (BSU) A.8.1.9 Human Resources Development (Family Planning Counsellors)
A. MPW A.8.1.10 Other Incentives Schemes (Pl. Specify)l
A.8.1.3 Specialists (Anaesthetists, Paediatricians, Ob/Gyn, Surgeons, Physicians, Dental Surgeons, Radiologist, Sonologist, Pathologist, Speicalist fo CHC) A.8.2 Minor Civil Works
A.8.1.4 PHNs at CHC, PHC level A.8.2.1 Minor civil works for operationalisation of FRUs
A.8.1.5 Medical Officers at BSU A.8.2.2 Minor civil works for operationalisation of 24 hour services at PHCs
A.8.1.6 Additional Allowances/Incentives to M.O.s of PHCs and CHCs Total Infrastructure and HR
Fund Allocation

Strengthening of Training Institutions (SIHFW, ANMTCs, etc.) - Carry out repairs/ renovations of the training institutions A.9.6 Family Planning Training
A.9.1.2 Provide equipment and training aids to the training institutions - Strenthening of training infrastructure for pre-service nursing (GNM schools) (12130700) A. Minilap training for medical officers
A.9.1.3 Developing systems for monitoring & evaluations of training programmes. A.9.6.3 NSV training
A.9.3.1 Skilled Birth Attendance / SBA training (Monitoring of SBA Training) A. Training of Medical officers in IUD insertion
A. Training of Staff Nurses in SBA (DH)
A. Training of ANMs / LHVs in IUD insertion
A. Training of ANMs / LHVs in SBA A.9.6.5 Contraceptive Update training
A.9.3.2 Comprehensive EmOC training (including c-section) A.9.6.6 Other FP training
A.9.3.3 Life saving Anaesthesia skills training A.9.7 ARSH Training
A. Setting up of Life saving Anaesthesia skills Training Centres A.9.7.1 TOT for ARSH training
A. TOT for Anaesthesia skills training A.9.7.2 Orientation training of state and district programme managers
A. Training of Medical Officers in life saving Anaesthesia skills A.9.7.3 ARSH training for medical officers
A.9.3.4 Safe abortion services training (including MVA/ EVA and Medical abortion) A.9.7.4 ARSH training for ANMs/LHVs
Training of laboratory technicians in RTI/STI A.9.8 Programme Management Training
A. Training of Medical Officers in RTI/STI A.9.8.1 SPMU Training
A.9.3.6 BEmOC training A.9.8.2 DPMU Training
A.9.3.7 Other MH training A.9.9 Other training
A.9.4 IMEP Training A.9.10 Training (Nursing)
A.9.5 Child Health Training A.9.10.1 Strengthening of Existing Training Institutions/ Nursing School
A. TOT on IMNCI (pre-service and in-service) A.9.11 Training (Other Health Personnel)
A. IMNCI Training for ANMs / LHVs A.9.11.2 Training of ANMs, Staff nurses, AWW, AWS
A. FUS Training A.9.11.3 Other training and capacity building programmes (Community visits for students and teachers)
A. TOT on F-IMNCI Total Training
A. F-IMNCI Training for Medical Officers
A. NSSK Training for Medical Officers  
A. Other Child Health training-Provision of EMNCI(Emergency Management of Neonatal & Childhood illness) Training for Medical Officers working at different health facilities    
Fund Allocation

Strengthening of SHS/ SPMU A.10.5 Audit Fees
A.10.2 Strengthening of DHS/ DPMU (Includes salary of DPM, DAM, DMEO, DPC, Recurring expenses) A.10.6 Concurrent Audit
A.10.3 Strengthening of Block PMU (includes salary of BHM, BAM, Mobility & Recurring expenses) A.10.7 Mobility Support to BMO/ MO/ Others
A.10.4 Strengthening (others) A.10.8 Other Activities
A.10.4.a CPSMS Total Programme Management
Fund Allocation

B.1   ASHA
B.1.1.1 Selection & Training of ASHA B.1.1.4 Awards to ASHA's/Link workers
B.1.1.2 Procurement of ASHA Drug Kit & Replenishment B.1.1.5 ASHA Resource Centre/ASHA Mentoring Group
B.1.1.3 Other Incentive to ASHAs - TA/DA for ASHA Diwas Total Asha
Fund Allocation

Untied Fund for SDH/CHC B.2.3 Untied Fund for Sub Centres
B.2.2.a Untied Fund for PHCs B.2.4 Untied Fund for VHSC
B.2.2.b Untied Fund for APHC   Total Untied Funds
Fund Allocation

CHCs B.3.2.a PHCs
B.3.1.b SDH B.3.2.b APHC
B.3.3 Sub Centres   Total Annual Maintenance Grants
Fund Allocation

Upgradation of CHCs, PHCs, District Hospitals to IPHS B.4.2.a Others
B.4.1.1 District Hospitals B.4.2.b Accreditation/ISO:9000 Certification of 46 Health Facilities.
B.4.1.1.a Construction of SNCU in District Hospitals B.4.2.c Infrastructure for MCH Centre (L1,L2,L3)
B.4.1.2 CHCs B.4.3 Sub Centre Rent and Contingencies
B.4.1.3 PHCs B.4.4 Logistics management/ improvement
B.4.1.4 Sub Centres Total Hospital Strengthening
Fund Allocation

Renovation of 5 Referral Hospital (CHCs) B.5.6.a Construction of Drug Ware House
B.5.1.b Construction of Khagaria DH building B.5.6.b Construction of ICU building
B.5.2 PHCs B.5.7 Major civil works for operationalisation of FRUS
B.5.2.a Construction of APHC B.5.8 Major civil works for operationalisation of 24 hour services at PHCs - Renovation of Referral Hospital Sultanganj ( Bhagalpur)
B.5.2.b Construction of Quarters for Doctors & Staff
B.5.9 Civil Works for Operationalising Infection Management & Environment Plan at health facilities
B.5.3 SHCs / Sub Centres B.5.10 Infrastructure of Training Institutions
B.5.4 Setting up Infrastructure wing for Civil works B.5.10.1 Strengthening of Existing Training Institutions/Nursing School( Other than HR) ( New)
B.5.5 Govt. Dispensaries / Others renovations B.5.10.1.a 6 Week Training of Nursing Faculty of GNM and ANM Schools at State Nodal Centre, IGIMS
B.5.6 Construction of BHO, Facility improvement, civil work, BemOC and CemOC centers B.5.10.2 New Training Institutions/School(Other than HR)
    Total New Constructions / Renovations and Setting up
Fund Allocation

District Hospitals B.6.3 PHCs
B.6.2 CHCs (SDH ) B.6.4 APHCs
      Total Corpus Grants to HMS / RKS
Fund Allocation

B.8.1 Construction and Orientation of Community Leader and of VHSC, SHC, PHC, CHC etc B.8.2 Orientation Workshops, Trainings and capacity building of PRI at State/Dist. Health Societies, CHC,PHC
    Total Panchayati Raj Initiative
Fund Allocation

Medical Officers at DH/CHCs/PHCs (only AYUSH) B.9.3 Activities other than HR - Training of AYUSH doctors.
B.9.2 Other Staff Nurse/ Supervisory Nurses (for AYUSH)   Total Mainstreaming of AYUSH
Fund Allocation

Strengthening of BCC/IEC Bureaus (state and district levels) B.10.2.3 BCC/IEC activities for FP
B.10.1 Development of State BCC/IEC strategy B.10.2.4 BCC/IEC activities for ARSH
B.10.2 Implementation of BCC/IEC strategy B.10.3 Health Mela
B.10.2.1 BCC/IEC activities for MH B.10.4 Creating awareness on declining sex ratio issue
B.10.2.2 BCC/IEC activities for CH (new) B.10.5 Other activities
      Total IEC-BCC NRHM
Fund Allocation

Ambulance/ EMRI/Other models (Ongoing 108) B.12.2 Operating Cost (POL) - 1911- Doctor on Call & Samadhan ( Ongoing)
  Total Referral Transport
Fund Allocation

B.13  PPP / NGOs
Non-Governmental providers of health care RMPs / TBAs B.13.2.c Ultra-Modern Diagnostic Centres in RDCs and MCHs
B.13.2 Public Private Partnership B.13.2.d Outsourcing of HR Consultancy Services
B.13.2.a Outsourcing of Pathology and Radiology Services from PHCs to DHs B.13.3 NGO Programme/ Grant in Aid to NGO
B.13.2.b Services of Hospital Waste Treatment and Disposal in all Health Facilities   Total PPP / NGO
Fund Allocation


Fund Allocation

B.15.1 Community Monitoring - Community Based Planning & Monitoring CBPM B.15.3.2 Computerization HMIS and e-governance, e-health
B.15.1.1 State level (State Review Health Mission) B.15.3.2.i Revised Guidelines & Fund Allocation for FMR Code - B.15.3.2.i
B.15.1.2 District Level B.15.3.3 Other M & E
B.15.1.3 Block Level   Total Planning, Implementation and Monitoring
B.15.1.4 Other
B.15.2 Quality Assurance
B.15.3 Monitoring and Evaluation
B.15.3.1 Monitoring & Evaluation / HMIS/MCTS.  
Fund Allocation

Procurement of Equipment B.16.2 Procurement of Drugs and supplies
B.16.1.1 Procurement of Equipment: MH B.16.2.1 Drugs & supplies for MH ( Ongoing)
B.16.1.2 Procurement of Equipment: CH B.16.2.2 Drugs & supplies for CH (IMNCI Drug kit)
B.16.1.3 Procurement of Equipment: FP B.16.2.3 Drugs & supplies for FP
B.16.1.4 Procurement of equipment: IMEP B.16.2.4 Supplies for IMEP
B.16.1.5 Procurement of Others B.16.2.5 General drugs & supplies for health facilities
      Total Procurement
Fund Allocation

Support Strengthening NPCB B.22.4 Support Strengthening RNTCP
B.22.2 Support Strengthening Midwifery Services under medical services B.22.5 Contingency support to Govt. dispensaries
B.22.3 Support Strengthening NVBDCP State level component for State programme office B.22.6 Other NDCP Support Programmes
    Total Support Services
Fund Allocation